Reasons Why You May Want To Rethink Private Schools

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There has been a lot of misconception about private schools guaranteeing your child better chance. However, this has not been the case all time. There are several things that make one to be reluctant to take ones child to a private school despite such misconceptions. Before deciding that one’s child will be taken to a private school, a proper assessment of individual child is important. This will ensure that you offer the best to your child.

There are various advantages that are encompassed in taking a child to a private school. However, there are several issues that would make one feel that it is not important. First, private schools are known to have a low population. This limits the child socialization thus creating a generation whose social cohesion is questionable. In addition, most of the private schools have a specific focus for example religion or academic excellence thus reducing the level of diversity that is very important in child’s life. Due to lack of diversification, children lack innovative mind making them over rely on their parents in everything that they do. This makes them not to be independent in their future life.

Most of the private schools are owned by either church or they are private business. Therefore, this propagates institutional biasness. This biasness ensures that status quo remains making private school very hard to accept new ideas. Therefore, it become very hard for them to change and this may compromise the level of education offered in such schools in future.

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Most of the private schools are alleged to promote inequality as they can refuse at their will to admit some students especially based on their academic qualification. This hampers talents which otherwise are discovered later in life during education process. In most cases, children who turn to be very successful in education life do not exhibit this at their early age. Therefore, by barring them to join schools, private schools do them a lot of injustice making me resent from taking my child to private schools.

The other reason that would make me not to take my child to private school is the exorbitant school fees that these schools ask for. Most of the school fees paid in private schools are not worth their levels. Worse still, there is no room for asking for explanation otherwise your child will be expelled or be taken through a very rough time in his/her school life.

Another problem that put me off while enrolling my child in a private school is the process that one has passed through. If ones child has a disability, it takes a hell of time to have your child admitted in private schools. The procedures are complex and very tiring. It gets to a position whereby you may even have to win a lottery to have your child be enrolled in such schools.This put me off as such cases should be dealt with in a more humane manner.If such issues are addressed, private schools can become very good and one can prefer using them.

Pool service riverside the service you can trust

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If you have a swimming pool at your home, then it is very important to maintain the water of your pool. In this article we will discuss some of the important tips that you should consider while cleaning a pool. Always pay proper attention to the chlorine level of your swimming pool water. If the chlorine level is not maintained properly, then you are likely to experience an algae problem in your pool. Recent studies have shown that chlorine level of your pool must be greater than 1 PPM. It is always advisable to test the pool water regularly so that you can make necessary adjustment if needed. Monitor you pool filters regularly during this entire process. You should clean the filter each time the pressure rises above the appropriate value. You should not use the pool until the chorine level of your pool has returned to the safe level.

It is very important to take proper care of the pool to prevent any health related problems. If you want your pool water to remain clear of all disease causing pathogens, then you should be willing to devote the necessary time to perform these routine maintenance tasks. If you don’t have time to perform these tasks, then it is best to hire pool service riverside to do it for you.

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Making Sure You Hire The Correct Plumber Riverside

No matter how well maintained your home may be, there is going to come a time when you will have to rely on the services of a plumber. A leaky faucet or burst pipe is almost as inevitable as death or taxes and if you don’t select the correct plumber Riverside for the job then your experience may end up being just as awful. The biggest problem is that most of us don’t really think about hiring a plumber until water is lapping round our ankles in the kitchen. It can be tough to make an informed decision when panic is the number one emotion that you are feeling at that very moment.

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As odd as it may sound, your search for a good plumber should begin before you ever need one. Rather than waiting until you feel like a crew member aboard the Titanic, start to do a little bit of research to find out which plumber Riverside is most up for any job that might arise. One of the best ways to do that is to talk to family and friends that may have used a plumber in the area recently. They will be able to give you an unbiased review of the plumber that they used, giving you some valuable insights into the professionalism of the company and the work they do.

Those reviews may do no good of the plumber Riverside that gets recommended doesn’t offer a 24-hour emergence service. Major problems tend to be inconvenient in that they don’t always happen between the hours of 9 and 5. It’s at that point that you should head online and seek out websites that review plumbers in your area. The best of those allow folks to go in and leave a positive or negative rating, as well as listing the types of services offered by all of the plumbers listed.

Once you have the field narrowed down to a few plumbers that seem worth hiring, you could then look for a small job around the house that you have been meaning to fix but have never got around to. Start calling around the plumbers on your list to see what sort of quote they offer, as well as getting a general idea of how quickly they can be out to do the job. From there you can then ask questions about their licensing in the state, the experience of their employees, and whether or not they charge a premium rate for emergencies.

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At this point you should have a pretty good idea of what you can expect from the plumber Riverside that you choose, but it might be an idea to keep the information of those that came a close second or third handy. The only thing worse than water raining down on you from an upstairs leak is calling the plumber of your choice, only to find out that they won’t be able to get out to your home for two days. Having a plumber that you trust is great, but having a couple, just in case, is better yet. If you’re looking for an excellent Riverside Plumber you can start here, I highly recommend them for your plumbing needs.

Private School Teacher’s Salaries

Traditionally, private school teacher salaries have been less as compared to their public school counterpart. Sometimes ago. teachers would accept a teaching position in private school regardless of the amount of money paid either because, they consider that as a calling, a mission or due to friendly environment in private schools. However, this has changed with time. Private schools are able to compete closely with public schools by offering competitive salaries. The pay rise of the public school teacher is currently higher as compared to some years ago and this is reflected also to private teacher’s salaries. According to recent survey, private schools pay close to public schools with some even paying much higher. However, disparities among private schools are generally expected. Some of the schools especially the parochial schools are on the lower end of the compensation spectrum. On the upper end of the compensation spectrum is well established independent schools.Now, the main question that people have been asking themselves is, why do some private schools pay better than others? There are a number of reasons that leads to this. These reasons include the number of years that these schools have been in business, presence of loyal alumni who supports them and the size of endowment that these schools get from outside. Such information is evident once you peruse these wealthy school’s forms in quest of understanding the reason why they attract the best and brightest teachers. Private schools have gone a step further by offering their teachers accommodation especially in boarding schools. House rent is considered to occupy around 30% of the living expense of a teacher. Therefore, by being offered accommodation especially in places where rent is very expensive, private schools continue to attract a number of good and professional teachers.The private schools teacher salaries are still becoming more competitive due to a competitive school pensions which compete with the public sectors’. According to US Bureau of Statistics, public teachers’ salaries ranged from $ 26,000 to $71, 0000 in 2004. By assuming an annual inflation adjustment rate of 5%, the least paid is way above $30,000 currently. It is therefore assumed that most of the private school salaries are below that. This is because obtaining accurate information about private schools teacher‘s salaries scheme is very complicated. This is due to protection that these data are offered by state corporations such as NAIS in especially in U.S. The main reasons for teacher salaries in private schools to be low and still get teachers working there is due to economic pressure. Most of the teachers found in private schools get themselves there as they were out to take any salary as long as they are employed. This is how they get themselves being paid as low as $21,000 per annum. Though the private teacher salaries in some school is much higher than in public schools, the truth of the matter is that there is great disparity between the highly paid and the lowly paid private school teacher. Therefore, this is an issue that requires to be addressed to ensure that teachers are not oppressed. This can be done by probably involving education institutions and proper regulations that cut across the board as far as teachers’ salaries are concerned.

Banning Cell Phones in Private School – effective or ineffective

I am sure that your child carries a cell phone along with him. It is observed that the parents are now more concern for their children’s security and they allow them to use the cell phone in case of any emergency or just to check that where he is now.In most of the private schools, the cell phone is allowed for keeping the children in touch with their parents constantly. They believe that it acts as an effective and essential communication bridge in between a child and his parents, as they remain quite busy in workplaces. Using cell phones in private schools is only allowed when a student is out of the classroom. If he is present in class, then the use is strictly prohibited and a cell phone should be completely switched off. Many schools include the particular guidelines which are written in the children’s handbook and in the policy list. All the students are bound to follow the rules and regulations of the school.Why using cell phones in private schools has encouraged?

·          Cell phones are allowed as they are the means of communication between children and parents in emergency cases as stated above.

·          In uncertain situations, children can call the authorities for medical or other kind of help.

·          Most of the private schools are in favor of using a cell phone in school premises, as it helps them to search the data for the research purpose or for the immediate submission of giving projects by using internet services.

·          Many students can report their fellows that the school head is not present to approach further or if the phone of the office is not allowed to use. Discouraged- Why? While, private schools are also facing or can face some difficulties regarding the cell phone usage because:

·          Children usually leave their cell phones on desks or in drawers and they also don’t want to switch it off, resulting the distraction in the classroom when it beeps or rang.·          Turning it to on a silent mode, it still distract the class as the incoming messages are the reason of notes passing. It became unfair when someone doesn’t get any punishment in case of incomplete homework as he get the notes from his friend.

·          Overseas, cell phones have been used for false bomb threat to condense or avoid the class timings.

·          In the time of crisis, rampant cell phones  can be used to overload the various system of communication to block its operation.

·          School children spread many false information or rumours, causing unnecessary panic to the school management or parents.

·          Pornography, sexting and cyber bullying are some of the offenses which lure them easily, affecting their good progress.

·          Cell phones are the main reason of cheating in exams, many students use it to avoid learning or preparing themselves for examination purpose.

The cell phone use is effective too, including some major drawbacks. The school management should step forward to make some very strong implications so that every one will be restricted to use it in the adequate manner.